Volunteer for SiTara’s Story

SiTara’s Story Inc. is calling for volunteers for the following positions:

1. Volunteer for community projects: a. Talk-shops crating a safe space for women from Multicultural backgrounds to discuss stigmatised topics including mental health, b. Addressing intergenerational challenges within Multicultural communities and c. Colour in business

2. Website content writer

3. Communication coordinator

4. Focus group participant and many more

We are looking for volunteers, the kind of volunteers who can reflect on the volunteer experience and journey and help us run our programs. We want our volunteers journey with us to be the best it can be so our operational volunteers can get on with doing the incredible jobs they do helping to create a safe space for women and kids from Multicultural backgrounds!

If you have highly developed writing and organisational skills, the experience of organising fund raising activities, the ability to engage effectively and knowledge of the principles of mental health, the interest to create a better society for all and can spend 1/2 hours per week or 3-5 hours/month, we’d love to hear from you!

Please email a copy of your brief bio focusing on:
Section 1: Personal details (name, address, age, education)
Section 2: Experience, skills that you bring, areas interested in working e.g, social media, event organising, fund raising, coordination, why are you interested in volunteering for STS
Section 3: Availability (which days if the week, how many hours per week), reference

And a letter of application outlining why you would like to support SiTara’s Story in a volunteer capacity and how your skills are transferrable for this role.

For further information, please email SiTarasstory@yahoo.com.
Email your brief bio and expression of interest (200 words) to sitarasstory@yahoo.com.

Spread the word! Help us build a global movement for change.