Our Team

Dr Shamaruh Mirza

Shamaruh is a Bangladeshi-Australian Scientist. She completed her PhD and Post Doctoral research in Medical Science and Biophysics, respectively, from the Australian National University.
Sathi’s suicide shocked Shamaruh. She wondered why somebody didn’t do something to prevent it. Then she realized, she was also somebody. This incident motivated her to find a structured way to make a lasting difference in her community and beyond. Shamaruh truly believes that confidence is essential in the life of any woman as it relates to education, creativity, social awareness, and self-esteem and it needs to be built early. SiTara’s Story is a project of this passion, she calls it this way. 

Dr Kowsar Khan

Kowsar is a health professional. She has worked with women and children in Bangladesh and have experienced their plight firsthand. It is her desire to alleviate some of their disadvantages in her own small way. SiTara’s Story is a journey towards that.

Nigar Reza
Communication Officer 

Nigar Reza is an Architect-Planner by profession with a passion to bring social good. She has been working for the Australian Government over last 15 years. She was born and brought up in Bangladesh.
SiTara’s Story is her inspiration and gives her opportunity to empower disadvantaged adolescent girls to make a difference in their lives. It started with a little programme in Bangladesh but it does have a big dream to commence a movement to ensure better lives for all disadvantaged girls across the globe while complementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Samira Rahman

Samira is an accountant by profession. In her little span of life she has seen the world and many people, and she knows it very well, women need to take care of themselves. None would look after them if they don’t do it themselves.
Samira cares for others and she thinks “SiTara’s Storty” is the path to care for adolescent girls who will turn to women soon and to encourage them to look after themselves.

Nazia Khan

Nazia is a Canberra based banker by profession, but born and brought up in Bangladesh – a third world country where women are deprived in many ways. When Nazia left Bangladesh she thought she was safe but femininity inside her always wanted to do something to facilitate Bangladeshi women.
Nazia is a naturally gifted motivator and a goal oriented person. Creativity is her passion combination of these three qualities encouraged her to go extra mile hence she decided to utilise these her daughter gets treated as human not as a WOMEN. Gender bias is still a deep embedded issue all over the world, women in the society struggling to prove them self, silently crying for appreciation, every day facing unacceptable discrimination. Joining Sitara’s Story is her small contribution towards a beautiful new society where everyone will get equal opportunity to prove them self. Her initial aim is to aware women to acknowledge their own contribution to the society, and stand up for their own rights


Evana Rahman

Evana feels that many passions are instilled within a person from the time they are born and that some passions develop over time through circumstances. Her passion is always to work with the children and eventually it turned into helping disadvantaged children. Another passion is to work with children with special needs. During the last few years Evana worked with aboriginal children and families and later on with refugee children and families.
Women in Bangladesh still in a disadvantaged situation and are facing difficulties because of discrimination on the basis of gender and that often starts at the early stages of their lives. Evana feels privileged to work with adolescent girls, when the opportunity has knocked at her door. It will be her absolute pleasure if she can bring a little difference in their life.

Hasnat Jahan

Hasnat has been exposed to people including children in vulnerable situations through refugees, asylum seekers, and those in detention centres throughout her career. She understands the importance of mental and physical well-being, especially for vulnerable women in third-world countries, and hopes to make a significant difference in the lives of others through SiTara’s Story.

Rezwana Farha


Rezwana is an expert in project plan reviewing. She worked in USDA,UNDP, World bank and other international agencies. She has conducted research in poverty alleviation, gender iimension in Bangladesh Labor Market and many more. She has been working for ACT government for last two years as a policy officer. She worked in Afghanistan, Washington and other countries.

Rozana Hassan

Brisbane chapter coordinator

Rozana works in the University of South Queensland.

Shafeen Mustaq

Shafeen is a management consultant by profession and a writer by passion, the two coalesce and feed her need to make the world a better place starting with the girls of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Shafeen’s passion for women and children’s empowerment stems from Professor Yunus inspirational work with Grameen and from the strong, intelligent and influential women throughout history such as Khadija wife of Prophet Muhammed and Zainab – his granddaughter.

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