SiTara’s Story

Who is “SiTara”? Where does “SiTara” come from?


Bir Protik Taramon Bibi fought against Pakistanis in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in her village home in Shankar Madhabpur Kurigram. She was in Sector 11 in 1971.


Captain Dr. Sitara was the Commanding Officer of the hospital known as The Bangladesh Hospital, with almost 400 beds under Sector 2 in 1971. The hospital not only catered to Bangali patients and wounded freedom fighters, members of the Indian army also sought medical aid at that medical centre. Sitara Begum was born in Kolkata in 1945.

Yes, Bangladesh has only two female Bir Protiks. Captain Dr. Sitara  and Taramon Bibi.

The role of women is largely ignored in the liberation war of Bangladesh, denied and misconstrued in the mainstream history.  But Liberation War or any war for that matter, which has involved the entire population of the country, has been a struggle through which a united nation has asserted its aspiration for freedom. Such wars are not fought only in the battlefields, neither are they fought only with guns.

That’s why we have decided to name our organisation “SiTara’s Story” as a tiny effort to acknowledge the role of woman in not only in the freedom war of Bangladesh, also to acknowledge the struggle of all women in Bangladesh since its birth.

Si stands for Sitara Begum and Tara stands for Taramon Bibi.

There are many Sitaras out there, abused, humiliated every day. We hear so many stories of deprivation each day, which, as a team we can share and find a way out for those.

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